• Chas

5 Signs You’re Dating the Right Person

Updated: Mar 8

Dating and finding your life partner can be hard. Weeding out the less-than-great is not only a pain in the ass, but it can be discouraging. If you think you have found your better half but aren’t sure, see if these 5 signs ring true. If not, reconsider and make sure you are not settling!

  1. You both share common values and morals. Having common interests isn’t always necessary for a relationship to work, but sharing the same values, morals, and core beliefs is important.

  2. You have fun regardless. Being able to have fun and enjoy each other while doing chores, or running extremely boring errands is not only important, but it is a great feeling. Being able to enjoy your partner, regardless of what exactly you are doing, is definitely a sign that you are in the right relationship.

  3. You make each other better. If you and your partner constantly make each other better and help each other grow, then you honestly can’t ask for more. If you both bring each other down, you are 100% not right for one another.

  4. You can be your true self around them. If the weirdo in you can’t come out to play around them, then you are not with your soul-mate.

  5. They cherish your heart. Above all else, if they treasure you and protect your heart fiercely, you found a good one.