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7 Fashion Trends to Tap Out Immediately!

I never really understand how some fashion trends or just trends in general even begin… for example, like how the world is pretty much continuously vomiting mermaids and unicorns. Enough is enough already. Let’s all grow up. That’s fine when you’re age 2-10…maybe even 12, but adults rocking unicorn hair, makeup, nails, and purses…I’m just confused!

Beyond unicorns and mermaids, there are some other trends I would greatly appreciate it they just had their final demise, with no resurrection in the future. Here’s what needs to go:

  1. Mom Jeans: They were cute at first, until my curvy bottom tried them on and I just felt personally victimized by the stiff, high waisted, no-stretch-having pant…Am I alone on this one? Might be.

  2. Wedge Sneakers: Why are these even a thing? Why? Also, I thought these died like five years ago… Why are they back? Please just stop. Sneakers are sneakers, wedges are wedges. No hybrids!

  3. Leggings as Pants: I’m all for wearing athletic wear even if you’re not headed to the gym. It gives the illusion you workout regularly and have your shit together. I love it. But ladies, leggings are not pants. No one wants to see your panties, or no panties. Especially at the market when you’re bending over near the cheese department. TMI?

  4. Pom Poms: On sandals, shoes, purses, clothes, paper clips even… Personally not a fan and once again, we’re all above this.

  5. Jeggings: Here’s the deal, if you don’t want to wear leggings, then you were jeans or joggers, or something else, but we can all tell your Jean/Leggings are what they are and they are not cute. Put them down, just put them down and walk away.

  6. Mullet Fashion: The “high-low” fashion was cute in middle school, but that was 13 years ago… andddd I just aged myself.

  7. Cultural Appropriation: Kylie Jenner and her clan of clones are kind of the leaders of this situation, but let’s just stop with the cultural appropriation already. You are who you are, you will not change race no matter how many cornrows or dreadlocks you have on your head.

Harsh? Sorry, It’s Wednesday. I always get a little cranky on “HUMP DAYYYYYYY”… Friday is so close, yet so far away!

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