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7 Things To Do Today To Stay Motivated and Focused

You may be feeling a lack of motivation or even clear vision and focus during these extremely stressful and uncertain times. Trust me, we are all in the same boat, but just because things are at a slight standstill right now does not mean they won’t change.

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to start looking at your habits and understanding how you react in certain situations. Not just from an action standpoint but full body… Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. When shit hits the fan do you shutdown and give up on yourself? Or do you treat it like any other situation and continue your daily habits and lifestyle per usual regardless of the circumstances?

It’s easy to spiral when things get stressful and your daily routines are flipped on their axis. One cheat meal turns into three cheat meals. One day of being lazy on the couch turns into two weeks of being a couch potato. One day of endless Instagram scrolling turns into weeks of mental disconnect. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, and if it has, it’s fine…We can always get back to on track, here are 7 things you can do today to make sure you are staying motivated and focused on your goals and aspirations.

1. Write it Down, Boo

Daily journaling is not only therapeutic, but it is a proven method of keeping your vision aligned on what you are hoping to achieve. Write down everything. Start with a journal prompt related to motivation and then write a list of all the action items you are capable of doing this very moment to take even the smallest baby step forward.

Some great journal prompts include: 1. What is something you’ve been wanting to do but are too afraid of doing? 2. What are 5 unproductive or unhealthy habits you have that you want to change? 3. What does you ideal day/life look like? 4. What self-limiting beliefs might be holding you back? 5. What do you need more of in your life?

2. Define Your “WHY”

Why do you want to accomplish your personal goal(s)? What is the driving force behind putting in the work? People always say “Your “why” should make you cry”. What does this mean? The reason you work your ass off for a better life should mean so much to you that it makes you get all up in your feelings.

I have two “why’s”. First, my daughter. I want to give her the best life I personally am capable of. I want her to see that her mom kicked ass even when the cards weren’t in her favor. I want her to see what hard work looks like. I want her to know that she is capable of doing whatever the hell she wants. Second, I know my worth and I know what I deserve. I deserve the life of my dreams and that alone is reason enough.

Once you know your “why”, write it down on a post it and put it anywhere you can as a daily reminder. The fridge, your computer, the mirror in your bathroom, etc. Constantly remember your motivating force.

3. Do Your Easiest Task First

Some people say to start with the hardest task, but for me I prefer the easiest task. Once I get my small and easy tasks out of the way, I can then focus the rest of my time and energy on my harder more time consuming tasks. When I do get to my harder task, I try to break it out into smaller tasks and make sure I am being fully productive in that manner.

4. Set Your Own Deadlines

Keeping yourself accountable is another way to keep moving in the right direction at a steady pace. Set realistic deadlines for your tasks and abide by them! Just because someone “above” you isn’t giving you those deadlines does not mean they are any less important.

Writing a blog post? Give yourself a few hours. Creating an amazing online course, give yourself a week or two, etc. Keep your deadlines attainable but also don’t let them fall victim to the procrastination mentality.

5.  Write Down Your “Wins”

What “wins” did you have today? Write down three things that you are thankful for or happy about. By acknowledging and celebrating your small victories, it will help allow you to see the progress you are making. Sometimes those wins are small, sometimes they are big, but whether you are celebrating the fact that you had a healthy snack or you finished a project, celebrate that shit.

6. Evaluate Your Previous Week

On Sundays, sit down and write down how your previous week was from a productivity standpoint. What habits held you back? What self limiting beliefs kept ringing through your ears? Did you stick to your weekly goals? Did you accomplish your daily to-do lists? Were your lists too long? Too short? Did you work out as much as you had hoped? What can you learn from last week that will help you elevate this week? Don’t take too much time living in the past, but do a quick evaluation and keep it pushin’.

7. Act On It

Act as if you have reached your goals and are living like you hope to one day. Want to be in the best shape of your life? Act like someone who takes fitness seriously and prioritizes it. Want to be a millionaire? Act like at boss ass beezy CEO. Visualize where you want to be and act like that person. This is manifestation at its core. Once you put that energy into the world, the universe will reciprocate and deliver, but it takes a conscientious effort on your part.

– – –

You can’t wait around for life to happen to you or for you. You have to actively seek it out day-in and day-out, but by being smart and making the right choices. Keep your mental stamina, keep your endurance, don’t over do it in a day, and know that steady progression creates lasting results. Use this down time and “quarantine”/ “social distancing” time to work on yourself with no distractions.

14 days is a short time but a long time when utilized correctly.

See you at the top, babes!

XO, Chas

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