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8 Apps + Tools for a More Purposeful Life

Guest Post by Jodie Brown of Everyday I’m Buffering

As part of my new journey to live my life to the fullest, I have found so many useful apps, websites and other tools that have made everything I do so much easier and simpler.

To live life with purpose, you want to spend it doing what you want to do, and whatever gives you joy.

The following article includes tools I recommend forgiving yourself more free time, motivation and encouragement for your best life.

Since using the tools listed below, I have found so much more time for doing the things I love and I have felt I have much more of a purpose on this planet than I did before.

So please, get stuck in. Download these apps and bookmark these websites, start living with purpose today!



Glo is an app specializing in yoga, meditation and pilates you can do from home. It is suitable for absolute beginners to professionals.

Glo’s mission is ‘to connect people through self-care’ and this shows throughout the format of their jam-packed app. It is designed to help you feel better in body and mind.

With a subscription, you receive unlimited access to online classes in 16 styles for any difficulty level. There are over 4,000 classes ready and waiting for you at your fingertips.

Some things I love about the Glo app is that it is compatible with the Apple Watch, it has a clean minimal design, and it offers access to an entire community of like-minded people each on their own journeys in health and well-being.


PIN ITAudible

Audible is an app I have discovered quite recently and now I wouldn’t be without it. With a subscription of a small fee, you have access to an unlimited amount of audiobooks to choose from.

With over 200,000 titles in 197 different genres, there is always something you will want to listen to.

I find Audible perfect for when I am on the move, I can listen to an entire book in less than a week just through my commute to university.

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to absorb new information whilst being productive with other tasks, or spending some time to relax.

Compared to other audiobook apps, Audible is great as it is compatible with pretty much any device, including Apple Watch and IOS and Android mobiles.

I love that Audible create their own playlists of recommended listens, this month they have created an ‘anti-racism listening list’. I also often take up the many offers they have, such as 2 for 1 on selected audiobooks.

You can even browse by listening length, from Bitesize Listens (0-3 hours) to Epic Listens (20+ hours).

To start your free trial today, click here.


PIN ITDuolingo

Want to learn a worthwhile skill during your free time? Always wanted to speak another language?

Duolingo is the perfect website for you.

It is completely free and also offers an app version, although I find some of the features easier to use on a PC.

You can choose from 36 languages to learn, including Spanish, Chinese and even Hawaiian.

If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry. Duolingo caters for a number of different native languages, you can even perfect your English and receive a proficiency certificate, recognised by over 2,000 institutions.

Do as little and as often as you like, when you like. There are no time restrictions and you can choose how you want to learn.

I love this about Duolingo, and also that there are so many educational games you can play that are fun and quite addictive. It really brings out your competitive side.


PIN ITMinimaList

When you first open the MinimaList app all you can say is WOW.

The simple, clean aesthetic helps to clear your mind of any distractions and focus on the task at hand.

It is the perfect minimalist to-do list manager (try saying that three times over!) that everyone could use in their lives to encourage productivity and create more free time for yourself.

Start off by adding simple tasks, reminders and a ‘focus timer’. I love the timer feature as it allows you to fully concentrate on one task at a time, allowing plenty of breaks to relax the mind.

I love that this app is compatible with a variety of mobile features, including widgets and wallpapers. You can even sync everything in your app to all other devices.


PIN ITDropbox

A lot of people have heard of Dropbox and similar online storage software, but nothing really can compare to the safe and worry-free feeling of knowing all your documents, photos and files are safe.

No matter where you are in the world, all of your files are accessible via any device and this is definitely my favourite feature of Dropbox.

The search bar allows me to quickly find anything I am looking for, instead of traditionally searching through hundreds of pieces of paper and binders.

I love that Dropbox has numerous safety and security protocols in place so you know your files are always safe, and the design interface is so simple to use.

Subscriptions prices begin from completely free, with this plan allowing you to store up to 2GB of your own files.

One of my favourite Dropbox tools is Transfer. This allows you to send email links with access to large files to anyone. I used to use a website just for this, WeTransfer, but I love that this tool is integrated into Dropbox so I can just select any file and send.


PIN ITMantra – Daily Affirmations

Mantra is the perfect app for injecting daily positivity into your life.

With over 10,000 affirmations and 10 categories, there is always a form of positive encouragement Mantra can give you to brighten up your day.

I love to receive notifications to my phone with a simple sentence of powerful encouragement. It can really change how my day goes, and always reminds me to focus on a positive mindset.

Features I love from this app are the relaxing sounds and themes, as well as the ability to record your own affirmations. This is a great way to make this exercise personal to you.

With a community of over 2 million, there is always someone to connect and share experiences with.

You can even customise your app with live or static themes, background sounds, colours and fonts. Make this space your own.


PIN ITFabulous

Fabulous is an app backed by science, to help you build and develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

You choose exactly what rituals you want to instil into your life and the app does the rest.

Incubated in Duke’s Behavioural Economics Lab, Fabulous has been created with the use of a lot of research in the habit-forming and self-care sectors, to ensure the best success rate.

I mainly use this app for encouraging my water drinking habit and anything self-care. I love to receive reminders telling me to take a break and have some me-time, which too many of us forget to do.

With the use of automated reminders and tasks to complete in the app, you will have developed new positive habits in no time.


PIN ITPick The Brain

This handy website’s tagline is ‘grow yourself’, which is a perfect description of what this tool allows you to do.

With the main themes of motivation, productivity, health and self-improvement, this site has everything you need to feel more purposeful today.

Since 2006, PickTheBrain.com has become one of the fastest-growing self-improvement sites on the web.

I love that there is such a wide range of topics to choose from, you can read and learn about so much to improve and develop yourself.

Pick The Brain even has its own podcast, available on pretty much any podcast platform you use. This is a great way to indulge in more self-improvement information whilst being productive in another way.

I have learnt so much in the last few months about myself and about the person I am hoping to become. I want to share all these experiences of my self-development and growth with you, in the hopes that you learn something new too. At this moment in time, the world is more uncertain than ever. So let’s control what we can and be sure of ourselves!

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