Best Morning Routine for Increased Productivity

Updated: Mar 6

How your day progresses is literally rooted in how you spend your morning. From the moment you open those pretty eyes of yours, you set the tone for the day and it is all rooted in your morning routine.

I have noticed how much my day becomes affected by first checking my phone. Scrolling Instagram, seeing drama, seeing posts that make you feel like shit, reading a message that you didn’t want to see before coffee, etc. Your morning routine begins with your first action, whether it’s big or small. Make sure it’s a good one!

I’ve made it a point this year to change the way I start my day and it has made all the difference in my productivity and mood! Here is the best morning routine to get your productivity on and poppin’ and to have better days!

Don’t hit snooze.

For starters, once your alarm goes off it’s time to wake up and get out of bed. Hitting snooze and going through the up and down cycle of falling back asleep and waking back up just ruins your energy levels. If you’re waking up tired… Go to bed earlier.

Skip the scroll.

Our phones may as well be glued to our hands these days, but do yourself a favor and skip scrolling through all the apps right when you wake up. Don’t check your messages, emails, socials, anything. It’s not necessary right now.


Do one of the three or all three, but take that new found time off of your phone and use it to be very intentional about your vibe for the day. Meditate and get some clarity, journal and find gratitude, or plan out your day and get organized. Whichever it is, set the intention and commit to it fully.

Make your bed immediately.

The first productive task you can do and one that honestly makes a huge impact on your day is to make your damn bed. It’s easy peasy! Get out of bed and quickly make your bed. Done!

Water before caffeine.

Rehydrate that body after your slumber! Drinking water first thing in the morning aids with a healthy digestive tract, improving metabolism, and improve mental clarity throughout the day. After that glass of water, go ahead and dehydrate again with caffeine :).

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Always eat breakfast.

To keep your morning routine working for you, it’s important to eat breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason, friends. If you do intermittent fasting then move on along! If not, boost that glucose after your slumber fast which helps give you energy and fuel for the day. Going hungry for too long can and will hinder eating habits. It can lead to overeating, binge eating, or not getting enough nutrients in throughout the day.


If you can multitask well, read while eating your breakfast or listen to a podcast. We want to make sure we are taking care of mind, body and soul before the day gets away from us. So, work that brain and allow yourself to mentally workout as well.

“Move that body, girl…Make the fellas go”

Anyone remember that song? Or am I just old? Both? Cool.

Try to get your workout in right in the AM. I notice working out in the morning makes me so much more productive and leveled out mentally and energetically for the rest of the day. It has been a game changer. I have better eating habits too.

Of course, if you prefer to workout at night, do you.

Shower with the right temperature.

What? Stay with me for a minute. The temperature of your shower makes a difference. Choose which works best for you:

Cool Shower:

  1. wakes you up

  2. increases circulation

  3. improves the shine of your hair

  4. helps with depression and reduces stress

  5. increases willpower

  6. helps with weight loss

  7. improves immune system

Warm/Hot Shower:

  1. lowers blood pressure

  2. reduces anxiety

  3. helps aid in sleep

  4. moisturizes skin

  5. clears acne and breakouts

  6. improves cardiovascular health

  7. improves brain health

Get super duper cute!

Get a cute outfit on and get ready for the day!

There you have it! Better mornings and days are ahead! What are the things you have to do during your morning routine that improve your mental? Let us know in the comments!

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