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ChaChaChats: Andrezia – Artist/Musician

Updated: Mar 7

ChaChaChats: Andrezia – Artist/Musician

TCB: Hey Andrezia! Thank you so much for joining us here at The ChaCha Blog! To start things off, do you mind telling us about yourself?

A: Uhh not really…Lol joking!! I’m Andrezia, I am a singer, songwriter, and dancer from Oakland CA. People always ask what am I mixed with, I am Cape Verdean (West African) and German.

TCB: How did your love for music first begin? When did you realize it was something you wanted to do as a career?

A: Music has been a lifelong love fo me! I was raised in a family of musicians. It’s always been around me. My mom played oldies all the time growing up and you know how those oldies are; they had me singing along! I would sing for guests when they came over and it was fun for me to do. I would have to say when my mom bought me Mariah Carey’s album, that is when I really fell in love and wanted to pursue a music career…

TCB: What artists and styles in particular influence your music?

A: I would have to say more than anything I’m influenced by artists and music that have a lot of substance. Music that talks about real life things that have been overcome, success, and real life topics… Funny, a lot of my influence comes from Hip Hop music!!

So just really intellectual artists with great word play, people like Jay Z, Kendrick, Nas, Tupac, etc… I like Migos and what they are doing with their creative, Bryson Tiller, and the Weekend also. When comes to performance I love to watch Lady Gaga, Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson…

TCB: Music is a strong and therapeutic thing. I know for many, myself included, music in a sense “saved their life”, can you say the same?

A: Yes! Good music does that. Music is a part of all of us, and always there if we need it. Without it I don’t feel complete.

TCB: How has Oakland and the Bay Area influenced your style and the music you like to create? 

A: I would have to say musically, just being able to hear and be around so many diverse people and cultures, have help me feel like I’ve been around the world. It helps me be open to different sounds and feels of my music.

TCB: Being that Oakland is known for their dope emerging artists, does it get competitive? Or is there a sense of community out there where everyone is empowering each other?

A: Uhh, if there is an empowering community, I haven’t really been invited lol. I don’t feel in competition with anyone. Everyone has there own thing to offer in the bay… I feel the community and support could be stronger and the day we figure out what it means to be a real community and show love all the way, we will be unstoppable!

TCB: We want to extend a big congratulations on your new single “We On” ! How did this song come to be? Did you know you wanted to sample Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” originally? Or did it just happen organically?

A: Thanks!! Me and my producer were cooking a beat with a few friends and for some reason that melody felt perfect and that is for sure one of the songs that I think we all love so we thought, “why not”!

TCB: What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself to be in 5 years?

A: To captivate audiences and continue to put out good music, influence the next generation, and to be recognized for my work so that I am recognized and acknowledged. In 5 years I see myself still making records but also getting into acting.

TCB: What has been your biggest success so far in your career?

A: I’ve had a lot of success in the industry but I was apart of a band called the Alectrix we had a reality show on MTV that I feel was a highlight of my career and a great learning experience. FYI I’m not a big fan of reality TV.

TCB: We like to keep it real at The ChaCha Blog and not hide our faults or struggles, so with that, have you experienced any pitfalls? If so, do you mind sharing what that struggle was, and how you bounced back? 

A: Sure, I’ve been to hell and back and had some really hard times in my life. My struggles really brought me some valuable lessons, I even had times when i wanted to quit. My family, meditation, and re evaluating my circle helped me bounce back though…

TCB: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians, especially young girls trying to find their way?

A: If this is your passion and you can’t live without it, give it 100%! Don’t give up “JUST GO HARD”! They’ll be things that might happen that might make you want to quit or go in the wrong direction, but don’t settle and never give up. It will happen for you if you work hard, be consistent, and keep putting out dope inspiring material. Follow your gut, but most of all, be yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself….

TCB: I love that! Last but not least, where can people find you to stay up to date on your work?

A: You can find me at: www.Andrezia.com

On all digital platforms by searching Andrezia

Instagram: @andrezia_a 

Twitter: @andrezia_a 

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/search?q=andrezia

Thank you so much to Andrezia for sharing her story and dope music with us!

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