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ChaChaChats: John Kornegay – Photographer

Updated: Mar 7

TCB: Welcome to The ChaCha Blog John! Thank you for joining us. Do you mind telling everyone about yourself?

JK: Thanks for having me! As mentioned, my name is John and I’m a student of life. I’m a son, brother, spouse, father, friend, and citizen of the world that’s just trying to make my mark while I’m here.

I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan but I now call Raleigh, North Carolina "Home".

TCB: How did you develop an interest in photography?

JK: My interest in photography stems from my Tumblr blog and was further explored when my wife and I began dating.

TCB: What is your favorite subject to photograph and why?

JK:I love capturing people for sure! I’m an extrovert so I thrive energetically around people so I used that to my advantage when I have a subject in front of my lens.

My goal every time I take an image is to have the viewer questioning what they are seeing and wanting to know more about the subject.

TCB: What makes a good photo stand out from average?

JK: Intention. I have a background in sports so I’m HYPER COMPETITIVE. However, with my journey into photography as an art form, I’ve dialed that back and I appreciate all photographic offerings based on the photographer’s perspective.

Personally, I haven’t taken that “museum worthy” image yet but at the same time I’m not chasing it per se. I’m just working towards getting better capturing what I see in the most authentic way.

TCB: How would you describe your photography style?

JK: I’m a black and white photographer that plays with color occasionally.

I enjoy the simplicity of what a monochrome image provides and it allows us to really focus on the subject. As I mature into the art form, I would like to hang my hat on being a more documentarian style of photography.

TCB: What is the most difficult part and the most rewarding part of being a photographer?

JK: The reward for me is being able to see my growth with each image, commissioned shoot, and client reviews. In the beginning I struggled because I was looking at everyone’s work trying to recreate their work. It can be difficult in the beginning but becoming comfortable in your own style comes with time.

TCB: What motivates you in this field and industry to continue progressing forward?

JK: That there is no true ceiling and that as technology makes cameras better and better, the medium still allows us to use antiquated technology.

Personally, I’ve began shooting film photography and I love it because as much as I think I know about photography, I’m learning something new with this older equipment that will make me a more well-rounded photographer.

TCB: Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer? 

JK: As I mentioned above, the technology has allowed us to have great quality cameras in our pockets. I think the separation truly is based on the intent and respect of the process of capturing an image.

TCB: When you’re not working and chasing the next photo, what do you like to do in your spare time?

JK:I’m either spending time with family, reading, exercising or engulfing another form of art with the intention of making me a better “artist” myself.

TCB: We like to keep it real at The ChaCha Blog and not hide our faults or struggles, so with that, have you experienced any pitfalls or struggles so far? If so, do you mind sharing what that struggle was, and how you bounced back?

JK:I live by this slogan, “I’m not that polished” and recently I’ve been dealing with an old nemesis of the feeling of abandonment.

With COVID-19 happening, many of my coping mechanisms were taken away and overtime I realized that the feeling of abandonment was slowly coming into the forefront. I’m currently bouncing back as my therapist has given me some great tools to use for myself to recognize and address the feeling appropriately.

TCB: What is your best advice for anyone who is afraid to pursue a career in photography full-time?

JK:Your perspective is what makes you truly unique. Why not show the world how you see it? Buy the camera and shoot!

TCB: Last but not least, where can people find you to stay up to date on your work?

JK:I can be found on Instagram @johnkornegay and my website www.johnkornegay.com