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ChaChaChats: Makeup Artist -Gabrielle Alvarez

Updated: Mar 7

TCB: Hi Gabrielle! Welcome to The ChaCha Blog! To start things off do you mind telling everyone about yourself?

GA: Hey guys! I live in LA now but I’m originally from the east coast. When I’m not doing my makeup I’m either working, reading, eating, or sleeping! I love watching TV and cooking for myself or friends 🙂

TCB: How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you first get started?

GA: I’ve been a makeup artist for 5 years and I started just experimenting on myself. YouTube taught me everything I know and I loved copying others work to find new techniques for myself.

TCB: You are an artist in every sense of the word. I mean, the looks you create are seriously amazing. How did your style evolve? Who/what have you been influenced by?


GA: Awh thank you so much! I first started out literally wearing winged liner every single day. Even in high school I had kohl-ringed eyes, because I thought I looked older! I loved playing with color from the start, but it started getting bolder and bolder the more I went on.

I was really influenced heavily by my friend @recklessaesthetic on Instagram, her style really got me out of my box and got me to stop wearing winged liner and really experiment more with my eye shape.

TCB: What do you love most about makeup?

GA: Ugh it’s so beautiful!! I love the textures, the tones, the way that something so simple can really be pretty graceful. It’s pure art to me and always will be.

TCB: How would you describe your signature look?

GA: Grungy, washed out, RED! Sometimes some glitter or textural shimmer.

TCB: What would you say sets you apart?

GA: Maybe the fact I wear everything I create throughout the day! To work, to the grocery store, walking around town. So I get pretty well known pretty quickly, like hey, it’s the girl with the crazy makeup!

TCB: When did you decide to start a YouTube channel and share tutorials?

GA: I started YouTube really recently, within this past year. I knew that it would a good step in my career path to show my techniques in action, but I wish I could get more tutorials using other people’s faces! I love working on others more than myself at times.


TCB: We like to keep it real at The ChaCha Blog and not hide our faults or struggles, so with that, have you experienced any pitfalls or struggles so far? If so, do you mind sharing what that struggle was, and how you bounced back?

GA: I feel like anyone who consistently puts out content runs into a creative rut every now and then. I’ve experimented with a lot of different styles and I feel like I’ve now found my own style within them. But sometimes it makes me feel like it’s not exciting enough or innovative enough and that can be its own internal struggle.

I usually get out of my rut by recreating someone’s look that really inspires me, it brings me back to that idea of trying new techniques. It excites and gets my creativity flowing.

TCB: What do you hope to achieve in the future?

GA: Just to constantly be working in makeup, though I still am not sure what path I’ll go down! Either being a creative director for a brand, being a freelance editorial artist, or a traveling trainer for a brand.


TCB: If not a makeup artist, what would you want to be?

GA: Oh wow! Maybe a chef? I loooove cooking and how it can be an art all by itself. I don’t know though, I really feel like I’ve found my true passion with makeup.

TCB: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give our readers?

GA: Just keep trying new things! If you really want to expand your strengths, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Especially if you’re just playing around at night, put on some blue sparkly eyeshadow and take a few pics. You can always really improve your techniques by analyzing the photos you take, seeing where you could change certain things or make things better.

TCB: Last but not least, where can people find you to stay up to date on your work?

GA: You can find me on Instagram for sure! Also, if  you search my handle on YouTube as well you can find my channel that way as well 🙂

Thank you so much to Gabrielle for sharing her incredible work with us!

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