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ChaChaChats: Singer/Artist Russell McFadden A.K.A. STEWP KiDD

Updated: Mar 7

TCB: Russell! Welcome to The ChaCha Blog! Thank you so much for letting us feature you. First off let’s start with the basics, For those that don’t know who you are, tell us a little about yourself…

RM: Happy to be here! My name is Russell Mc A.K.A. “STEWP KiDD”. I’m 27 years old, born and raised in the valley of Los Angeles representing the 818. I originally started my career as a dancer, I’ve been dancing professionally for the past eight years and it’s definitely been a hell of a rollercoaster. Regardless of that, I’m grateful for it because it molded me into the performer that I am today, especially now that I’m tapping into a different form of artistry which is singing and rapping.

TCB: How did you first get started in singing? When did you realize this was something you wanted to take further?

RM: I got started in singing when I was a kid in elementary school. I used to have this music teacher that would always put me on blast in front of the class. I hated it so much haha. Then eventually she gave me solos to do at auditorium events and I would get stage fright…Which sounds ridiculous especially for the people who know me that are reading this.

I’ve been singing my whole life though and picked up rapping along the way. This year when the ball dropped my New Years resolution was to make my move towards music and since making that statement, I’m now four months in and so many blessings and opportunities have been manifesting and I’m just forever grateful.

TCB: What has been the main influence and inspiration for your style?

RM: I grew up listening to music because of my Pops. He’s such a big influence in my life as well as my sounds and the flows I come up with. Honestly, I got tired of the “mumble scene” and I just miss when music was genuine…Especially with Hip Hop. Hip Hop used to tell real stories and real struggles about the artists and the people in their community, but because of my Pops I’ve incorporated Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

TCB: All great styles to be influenced by. Do you produce and write your own songs? 

RM: I do not produce my own beats but I am learning. I have a producer who is also a good friend of mine named Daniel Campbell A.K.A. Campbell Rambo. Yes, I write all my songs. All original songs that I come up with in my backyard A.K.A. my “creation station” haha, that’s what I call it.

TCB: I love it. What are your future goals? Where do you see yourself in five years with your career?

RM: My future goals are to continue making real music for the vibers. Music that you can relate to let alone vibe to.

A few years from now I wanna be touring, spreading love, and dope music around the world to different people that can relate to my music and my stories. It’s beautiful to know that people want to hear my voice and it’s mind blowing to me that my voice is what they want to hear.

I also want to collab with a few people that influenced me like Smino, J. Cole, Earthgang, and JID.

TCB: What are you currently working on now? 

RM: I’m currently working on my EP “SERENDIPTY” which is releasing October 24th, on my dad’s birthday, as well as doing other features on my friends’ songs.

TCB: What has been and/or continues to be your goal with your music? What do you hope to bring to the community?

RM: I just want to bring dope vibes and carry a dope message in my music…Like it’s not about popping pills and sipping lean. If that’s the life you’re living? Cool! But for me, that’s not who I am. I’ve always stayed true to myself since day one. Spreading love and positivity. One love.

TCB: We like to keep it real at The ChaCha Blog and not hide our faults or struggles, so with that, have you experienced any pitfalls, or struggles so far? If so, do you mind sharing what that struggle was and how you bounced back?

RM: On December 30th, 2014, I lost my dad. It was literally the worst day in my life. Till this day I remember it like it was yesterday. I struggled with dance, with just expression in general. The reason why is that my Pops was the one that taught me and inspired me to dance. He was dancer as well. He introduced me to Oldies, Blues, Jazz, Funk, all the feel good vibey story telling shit. But when he left this earth, I swear it felt like I died with him.

It took me almost a year to pull myself out of that dark hole I was sitting in, because believe me, it was definitely not a place I needed to be. But, I remembered why I do what I do, and it’s because it helps me release the tensity that we journey in this world. I guess you can say music saved my life…

TCB: We are so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.

Do you have a mantra or quote you live by? If so, what is it?

RM: “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” – Sugar Free

TCB: Last but not least, where can people find you to stay up to date on your work?

RM: You can keep up with me on:

Twitter: @STEWPKIDD89 Instagram: @STEWP_KIDD89

Also, I have songs on all music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. You can find it all there!

We can’t thank Russell enough for talking with us and being so honest and open about his journey.

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