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Clean & Environmentally Friendly Skincare

(Affiliate Disclaimer: This is a paid partnership between TCB and Aloe Unique. I was sent two free products and given a promo code for you all to use which I will get a small commission from. While, this is a partnership, all opinions and reviews are my own with the upmost honesty.)

I was recently introduced to Aloe Unique, a South African skincare company. Before being sent two products to review, I was already interested in their products.

While their skincare products are suitable for all skin types, those with sensitive skin or problematic skin can definitely see benefits of using their products.

Aloe Unique's products are are created using the indigenous Aloe Forex plant.

What is Aloe Forex?

Aloe Forex is a species of the Aloe Vera plant, that is specific to South Africa. It is 20 times stronger than aloe vera with almost twice the amount of amino acids.

There are absolutely no chemicals or pesticides used in its growth process which makes it an incredibly clean resource for skincare, in addition to many other realms.

Aloe Forex is great for improving your skins texture, in addition to improving hydration and rejuvenation in our skin.

Another aspect of this company that I love, before even getting into the products, is that it creates sustainable jobs. As stated on their site:

"Aloe Ferox grows wild and is harvested using ancient methods. This provides sustainable jobs for members of the local community.

The aloe leaves are placed in stacks in a circle around a hollow in the ground. The juice from the leaves drips down and is collected in the hollow.

After the juice has been collected, boiled and cooled down it is crystallized. It then gets crushed to produce bitter crystals."

My Skin Concerns + Product Reviews

Before being sent the Gentle Cleansing Cream and their Brighten Ampoules, I had made it known that since having my daughter, my skin has changed drastically. I have some hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks in addition to some texture that I assume is from eczema, the joys of having a child.

The owner Janel, was super helpful and knew exactly what to send me for those concerns and boy, was she spot on.

The Gentle Cleansing Cream

To start things off, I'm super particular on my cleaners. I don't like thin cleansers that just feel like their rubbing on to the skin in stead of in to the skin.

This cleanser is a cream which already feels great. It's thicker and really feels like it is doing a great job at removing the impurities are skin collects throughout the day. My skin is not left feeling super dry and tight afterwards either, so I don't need to rush to finish my skincare routine to help with that uncomfortable feeling.

Now, while I love this cleanser and have been using it daily for almost a month, the golden product for me was their Brightening Ampoules.

Brightening Ampoules

Ya'll... Holy moly. These tiny little guys are magic. Let me just add in the product description so I don't make any mistakes...

"A bright, even skin tone is key to a youthful-looking complexion. This serum both protects the skin from the photodamage and pollutants that cause dark spots and premature ageing and reduces the appearance of existing hyperpigmentation. The vitamin-like LIPOCHROMAN® synthetic molecule significantly increases the antioxidative capacity of the skin, helping it to fight the free radicals that cause cell damage. BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient acts on melanin accumulation to even out skin tone and increases luminosity."

This serum is the real deal. I have used SO MANY skincare products and none of them have truly done what they said they would do, at least for my skin, which I can safely assume means that they aren't for me.

I used this serum for two and a half weeks, because I ran out and am ordering more, and honestly saw the hyperpigmentation and texture reduce by AT LEAST 50%. I wish I had taken before and after pictures but I suck at this thing and also I'm pretty self conscious about my skin since this is all new to me.

I can not make this up though. First off, it leaves your skin feeling like silk which is such a great base under makeup. My foundation and this serum have a great working relationship now. Beyond that, the pink blotchiness on my cheeks greatly subsided which honestly just makes me feel better about not wearing makeup.

What you do with this information is completely up to you, but if you trust me, which I hope you would by now, you will at least go and take a peak at their product offerings.

I will be placing an order after I finish writing this because I am a new avid fan.

Here's to finally loving my skin again!

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