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Free Virtual Workouts to Do at Home

Just because our lives have been turned upside down does NOT mean that we get to just give up on ourselves and let ourselves go. We will come out of quarantine one day, who knows when, but when that day comes you BEST believe I will be looking like a damn snack…Nah, better yet, she will be looking like a damn 5 course meal!

Working out at home is one of my least favorite things now. Before this happened I was getting into boxing and being in that environment pushed me harder. Also, having a one-year-old whose sole mission is to see me lose doesn’t help. Guess what, those are excuses though. I have a healthy body and any day I get to move it and improve it is a blessing. Not everyone is as fortunate these days so please for your immunity, your mental health, and your future self, workout and take care of yourself!

Now, let’s clear something up. You do not need to do an hour of pure cardio. Working out is whatever that means to you! Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, cardio, taking a walk, dancing, but just moving your body is so crucial right now. Below are some workouts I have been absolutely loving and some apps you can use to help you maintain a healthy balanced life during this strange time.

With this strange time, many fitness studios and companies are offering free or extended free-trials for you and your needs during this time, here are some of the best:


I absolutely adore Cassey Ho. Her YouTube channel is amazing and she has leveraged an incredible brand from it. She puts out a monthly calendar with the workout videos you should complete each day and it is such a great and fully rounded schedule. If you are looking for a fun, relatable, yet sweat-inducing workout, she is your gal!


This YouTube channel is bursting to the seams with free workouts. You have endless options from dance-based to pure ass whooping cardio videos. If you are someone who doesn’t like to follow a schedule and just workout out however you feel that day, then this is a great option for you!

305 Fitness

If you like your workouts to be more dance based, join the party on YouTube live and get your sweat on! Check out their website for a schedule of when and what will be taking place. Please note they are on ET time!


Bandier, a women’s activewear brand, is hosting IG Live workouts everyday at 4pm ET. They feature different trainers and give you access to different types of workouts which is super fun and exciting.

CorePower Yoga

CPY is streaming free workouts every single day live as well! What’s great is you can watch previous videos as well so you are not stuck to only one video a day. Each class also includes a meditation portion which we ALL need right now.


Okay, you do NOT need a bike to use this app which is also featuring free unlimited workouts for 90 days! The app includes runs, yoga, cardio, etc, whatever tickles your fancy. Enjoy 3 months free and get that workout on and poppin!

Don Saladino

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino is offering a free 4-week fitness program on his website. All you have to do is register!

Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness Live is having a 45-day free trial to fitness videos on their site here. Enjoy kickboxing, yoga, bootcamps, dance, cardio and more.


Enjoy at home workouts online through Lululemon. With yoga, meditation, sculpting, and full body videos, you’ll be sure to find one that fits yours needs.

Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness is offering live workouts on Facebook Monday-Friday at 8am ET! Check out their page now to see what to expect!

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is also offering free live workouts on their Facebook page daily at 4pm PST. Workouts are 20 mins or less.

Orange Theory

Orange Theory has an online site offering home workout videos. They post daily and you can rewatch previous videos as well. Enjoy sculpting, interval training, strength training, and more.

Let’s make the most of this quarantine!

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