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Fun Halloween Ideas for Quarantine 2020

Updated: Mar 8

Ideas for Halloween 2020

It’s understandable that us parents are bummed out that Halloween is “cancelled” this year. I get it, but trick-or-treating during a pandemic is just asking for trouble. This year we need fun Halloween ideas that will not only make the year memorable but keep everyone healthy and safe.

This may be an unpopular opinion, or may ruffle some feathers, but, oh well!

If you are considering allowing your child to still trick-or-treat regardless of our current situation, I urge you to truly way up the pros and cons.

If you are like me and are bypassing this year’s usual festivities, here are some great ways to still make Halloween fun and exciting for you and the family, while remaining healthy, safe, and considerate to others.

Quarantine Halloween Ideas:

Glow-in-the-Dark Scavenger Hunt 

Get some cheap glow-in-the-dark decorations and glow sticks off of a cheap site like Oriental Trading and deck out the backyard. Hide candy, little toys, and fun even some cute gag gifts outside and make some clue cards. Give your kids a time limit and let them go and see what they can find.

Movie Marathon in a Fort

Fort building is a skill that takes effort, practice, and strategy. I myself, am a professional so take notes... Blankets, all of them. Pillows, all of them. String lights or cute little pumpkin lights, candy, snacks, three of your all-time classic Halloween movies you love! The end.

Virtual Costume Contest

Plan a zoom call with all the friends and family and whoever has the crowd favorite wins a prize. If everyone chips in 5.00 you can make it super worthwhile! Have fun and go all out!

Old-school Halloween Party 

Set-up a bunch of cute fall activities outside for your family to all enjoy. Have different stations like pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, face painting, cookie decorating, and more. Have fun and allow the family to bond while having your own personal festival.

Costume Bike Ride

Get all decked out in a cute costume and go for a family bike ride. The neighbors will love to get glimpses of you all dressed up and you can exercise with the family in a fun way.

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Deliver Spooky Snacks

Create little care packages for loved ones full of spooky treats the family created and deliver them to your loved one’s doorsteps. Include a cute note or fun little game for them to enjoy!

Drive-Thru Haunted House

Just like everything else, this will be different and exciting! Test out some Drive-Thru Haunted Houses that are sure to pop up as we get closer! Get a great spooky playlist, deck out the car with decorations, and enjoy this with family or friends.

Drive-In Movie or Event

Check your local events, but I’m almost positive there will be some drive-in events such as concerts, movies, etc. If you are the Los Angeles area and are a Stranger Things fan, here ya go: click here.

Decorated Masks

To keep in theme with the pandemic, the week before Halloween, get some face masks to decorate with the kids. Let them sport their custom Halloween mask while the family goes out and about, if that’s what you’re family is doing.


Yup. I’m promoting this shit. Get some brown paper bags and fill them with dares or fun activities that are interactive for the older kids and adults. Ding-Dong-Ditch your friends and it’ll turn into a game of “telephone” but with surprises on their doorsteps.

Cook a Themed Meal 

Get the family together in the kitchen and create a Halloween themed dinner full of fun dishes everyone can get in on.  Set the table like Halloween threw up on it and ta-da! Festive!

Regardless of what you choose to do to make this year just as special as the rest of them, please make sure you are being safe, considerate of others, and doing your part in not increasing the spread of Covid-19. These are difficult times for everyone and regardless if you agree with others or not, the importance remains that we need to consider others’ feelings and not just our own.

Embrace the differences this year is creating for your family. Make it extra special since next year might return to normal. Do things you wouldn’t normally do! Come up with your own ideas for this year’s Halloween!

Above all else, enjoy Halloween this year and make it a special one!

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