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Home Style: Bringing the Outdoors In

Updated: Mar 6

One of my favorite interior design styles is one that seriously plays on that clean “bungalow” look, all about bringing those natural textures and textiles inside.

The look is always clean, airy, and grounding which is what we all need within our safe haven, right?

Remember, greenery is KEY! Add in a plant wall, bring in all the plants, trees and all the greenery you can. We need this to be a living jungle.

Here are some of the best tips and items for bringing the outdoors inside in a chic and modern way.

Color Palette

For starters we need to hone in on our color story…

Think warm browns, terracotta, greens, creams, and burnt tones. The vibe needs to be warm and clean.


When bringing the outdoors in, it’s good to base your textiles off of what you would typically use outside. Durable materials like jute, wicker, wood, rattan, clay, ceramic, etc. Also adding in some leather is a nice mix as well!

Product Inspiration

urban outfitters

I love this daybed as a seating option in a living room, or even as a bench in the entrance way. You can change up the cushion to keep the space new and fresh as often as you’d like!

Kaliko Rattan Daybed Urban Outfitters $499.00

The texture on this cushion is a great way to add warmth, visual appeal, and further drive that “natural” look. There are so many options when it comes to daybed cushions so be sure to have fun when picking one out!

Rohini Textured Daybed Cushion Urban Outfitters 199.00

Room dividers are a great decor option because of how versatile they are. They can be used as wall decor with a blanket draped over, they can do as they are meant to and divide the space up if you are in a very open floor plan or studio, or they can help block out sunlight if you aren’t ready to close your curtains or blinds. Again, natural textiles are key like this one here.

Ria Room Divider Screen Urban Outfitters 329.00

Plants and greenery are necessary for the look. We want as much nature as possible to be filling your space, in a balanced way of course. Getting some plant stands is another way to add decor items while achieving the look. These rattan ones are super cute, can be separated or placed together, and match perfectly.

Rattan Standing Planter Urban Outfitters 69.00-99.00

Another great seating option, especially around a natural wood dining table, is one that is woven in a neutral and light color. This allows you to add in throw pillows that have a little more personality to them and layer the room appropriately.

Antique White Rope Cabrillo Outdoor Dining Chair World Market 199.99

Accent with a throw pillow that draws in on colors that are warm in tone and offer a nice pattern for some visual stimulation!

Oversized Woven Canyon Indoor Outdoor Lumbar Pillow World Market 29.99

I saw this potting bench and immediately thought “how amazing would this be as a little bar cart?! So, take a potting bench you love and turn it into a cute bar. Add some pretty glasses, your favorite alcohol, and some other knick knacks and let it not only be a great decor piece but functional as well.

Natural Wood Outdoor Potting Bench World Market 149.99

I’m not a big fan of coffee tables, unless they double as functional furniture like this ottoman. Place a tray on top with some candles, ceramic pots with succulents, and whatever else calls to your soul and it’s perfect for looking cute and acting as a storage space.

Alina Storage Ottoman Urban Outfitters 149.00

Obviously you can’t have an outdoor inspired space without adding greenery! We want this place to look like a well-balanced, easily-manageable forest. So, get creative. Add shelves, hanging planters, or… Take this clothing rack and hanging plants off of it! Add different heights and levels and make it super duper cute. (Image is for inspiration and is not the same clothing rack!)

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack Amazon 119.00 ( Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate and do get a small commission at no extra charge to you.)

And of course you’ll need some plant hangers for hanging them like above, so here are some great one’s at a great price as well! Or, use this time at home and learn to make them yourself! Super fun!

Macrame Plant Hangers Pack of 5 Amazon 29.99 ( Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate and do get a small commission at no extra charge to you.)

Anthropologie is KING of lighting. I love all of their fixtures including this jute pendant light. This would look great in a corner nook at a lower level to bring some visual appeal to a space or over a table as well. Get creative with it.

Bungalow Pendant Anthropologie 228.00