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How Do I Ignore the Body Shamers?

Dear Chas,

I am a curvy girl and have been my whole life. I developed earlier than most girls at the mere age of 11 and ended up sticking out like a sore thumb in school. While I was busy developing a bust and booty, my female classmates were all still very much not. The body shaming started at that point in my life and I think that’s when it affected me the most. I was always bullied and garnering negative attention because of it which has drastically affected the way I view my body.

Now, in 2018, we are seeing more representation of all body shapes and sizes, but I still have that negative voice in my head that makes me feel inadequate.

How do I let go of needing others’ approval and just love me the way I am?

Sincerely, Curvalicious

Dear Curvalicious,

As a society, we have done a horrible job of teaching young girls that who they are is FINE! With each year comes a new trend. Having curves was bad, now it’s good. Being tall is weird, unless you’re a model.  Small boobs are in, then they’re not. The phases and trends are endless and always changing. I can completely relate to your journey and I apologize for what you have had to endure. It is not easy.

With age comes wisdom as we all know, and as we get older, it is easier to appreciate our bodies, faults and all. In terms of dealing with body shamers, it’s important to understand that they attack because they are unhappy with themselves. They see something in you they wish they had, so they attack on what they see as a weakness. Your body is incredible and beautiful regardless of your shape and size. Enjoy and cherish your womanhood and your curves and acknowledge all the incredible things your body can do for you.

Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side, so start building a habit of saying three things you love about yourself daily and begin your journey to self-love. Like my boy Bruno Mars said, “Girl you’re amazing… Just the way you are.” XO

Sincerely, Chas

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