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How to Have More Meaningful Relationships

Updated: Mar 7

Relationship Advice for Women…

We live in a time where connection and being present has dwindled away. We have adapted to this way of living that encourages us to mentally multi-task every second of the day.

Check the phone, check Instagram, have three conversations at one time, check your emails, and so on and so forth…

Our entire existence is cultivated and carefully planned through the internet. Because of this, it is likely that our relationships have taken a hit.

The Importance of Meaningful Relationships

For starters, a meaningful relationship isn’t always a romantic relationship. Having better and deeper connections with family and friends is just as important and necessary.

At this point in the US, we have been in quarantine, if you are responsible, for 6 months. We have invested in our health and our communities’ health by limiting our social interactions and putting our relationships on hold, for the most part.

If you are anything like me, the time away from friends and people/places you often frequented has subconsciously made you look inward and work on yourself.

This is an amazing thing, but it also takes a toll on the psyche when human interaction is drastically cut off. I know for myself, basic human interaction and socializing does wonders for my mental health and for my overall wellbeing.

It has been proven that having deeper, more connected relationships with others reduces mortality rates, makes us happier, expands our way of thinking, and increases self-confidence.

So, How Do I Build More Significant Relationships?

Like I said earlier, we are heavily disconnected and distracted now, so to start we need to change that aspect.

In addition, we have been groomed to keep one foot out the door in self-preservation since we have yet to fully grasp how to genuinely be ourselves with others, another negative of social media.

But, on a positive note, I do think Millennials and Gen X are way more in tune with constantly working on bettering ourselves and focusing on holistic wellness and well-being that we have that to our advantage which will spread into our relationships.

Be More Engaged and Present

The first step in building more meaningful relationships is to put the phone on silent and out of sight. Actively listen and be engaged in your relationship. Also, improve your eye contact with others.

I absolutely hate eye-contact and having conversations via DMs and iMessages doesn’t improve that. So make it a conscientious effort to really look people in their eyes.

Also, the thing we all dread, have more conversations over the phone. If you really connect with someone, talking on the phone is a really nice way to hear the way people intend for them to be received which is seriously important.

Express Yourself More

In order to build deeper connections with others, you have to put in some work as well.

It’s so easy to just give people the condensed version of who you are but that won’t allow for relationships to grow and evolve and reach their full potential.

I highly encourage you to genuinely trust and give people your all and let them see who you are, every nook and crannies worth. If they choose to fuck that up, that is solely on them. Preserving your true self for a select few you deem worthy isn’t healthy and could also keep you from not only growing as a person but missing out on great relationships with others.

Be an Active Listener

We all hate when we’re expressing ourselves to someone and they are only half listening and all we get is the horrid “uh-huh” response. Don’t be that person.

Make sure you are contributing just as much by listening as when you are talking.

If you don’t want to listen to that person, don’t invest in creating a deeper bond with that person. It’s as simple as that.

Be a Source of Comfort to Others

Relationships are a two-way street. There is giving and there is receiving. Whether that involves affection, time, energy, comfort, trust, advice, attention, etc. Make sure you are providing just as much “fill in the blank” as the other person.

We seek comfort from relationships but comfort looks different for every person. Comfort could be comedic relief, it could be trusting that person to be there when you need them, it could be the comfort of getting solid advice, the list goes on and on.

Make sure you are providing something to the relationship that is of use to the other person.

Be Emotionally Intelligent

This can spread into being able to forgive easily, being able to have compassion, and being sympathetic and empathetic without getting your own emotions involved.

Emotional intelligence is everything.

Before being there for someone else, understand what emotional intelligence is and what it looks like for you.

Misunderstandings will happen, miscommunications will happen, how do you respond and how do you react. Check yourself and understand your level of emotional intelligence and how to elevate it.

At the end of the day we are in a very unprecedented time and everyone’s needs are changing by the day.

Friends that were constantly engaged in communication are now retreating to the comfort of their own mind and that is ok! Understand that to have a deep relationship with someone requires flexibility and introspection within yourself and into understanding others.

How do you deepen your bonds with others? Let us know in the comments!


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