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How to Make Mother’s Day Special in Quranatine

Updated: Mar 8

Mother’s Day Online

Mother’s Day has always been a holiday I look forward to. Beyond celebrating my beautiful mother and spending the day with family, it always felt like that specific day was when Summer really started to kick off. Maybe it’s all the outdoor barbecues we had, but it was always a time I looked forward to.

Fast track to me actually becoming a mom, that day obviously held more weight. I’ve already experienced my first Mother’s Day, but there are tons of new mama’s this year who aren’t able to spend the day as they wish and that’s honestly a tragedy. This is the first year to be celebrated for birthing a human out of your Notorious V.A.G.

So whether you are a mama or you know a mama, here’s how to make the day just as special!

Virtual Brunch/Happy Hour

Grab the orange juice and champagne or get those Bloody Mary’s mixed and host a virtual happy hour for the lady or ladies of the hour! It’s happy hour time! If you can make this a surprise, it’s even better. With any surprise some planning goes into place so follow these steps below to make it seamless…

1 // Make Your Invite List

Alright, who are we inviting to this little soiree? Are we keeping it to immediate family members? Are we doing like a big ol’ Mother’s Day family reunion? Is it gonna be a surprise Gal Pal Happy Hour? Figure out who you will invite and make that list.

2 // Choose Your Video Chat Server

Alright, this is number two because, if you choose to use Zoom, you can schedule the call ahead of time and have the video chat link ready to go to include in your invite! That means one less conversation to have and one less group message to send! I prefer Zoom, but obviously you can go with Google Chats, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.

3 // E-vite Time!

Alright, the less the physical contact the better, am I right?! Forget snail mail, we are going digital. Clean, sanitary, and quick. Use your favorite e-invitation service and send out a quick e-vite to those lucky ducks that made the list. Some of my favorite e-vite services are:

  1. Evite.com

  2. Smilebox.com

  3. Greenenvelope.com

Send out your invites as quickly as possible so everyone can prepare ahead of time.

Make sure to include the following in your invite:

  1. date and time

  2. video chat link (if provided)


  4. anything fun to personalize your call (I’ll touch on this next)

4 // Personalize Your Event

Something super fun that can get everyone involved is to theme your party. Make it an all white party or Hawaiian theme or whatever your mama likes. This will get everyone participating straight from the get-go. Be sure to specify in the invitation what your theme involves and make sure it’s easy for everyone to be able to participate.

5 // Snacks & Games

I mean nothing else even matters, forget Mom, just kidding, but we want to make sure this is fun for everyone and we’re not all staring at each other. Plan a few games and encourage everyone to bring their favorite snack(s). Some fun games you can do online with friends are:

  1. Pictionary

  2. Charades

  3. Trivia

  4. A talent show (if you’re more extra than guacamole, like my family is)

  5. Bingo

  6. A Scavanger hunt

  7. etc.

6 // Enjoy!

Enjoy this time as weird and unprecedented as it is. Try to do little things to make this time special in any way you can. Order your mom’s favorite meal through grub hub and surprise her with it on her doorstep. Send her flowers, buy her a gift card to AMAZON because we all know us moms are loving that. Just because we are all home and social distancing does not mean that we can’t try to make this time as normal as possible. Find ways to bring that joy we all need in our lives. It’ll go a long way.

Happy Mama’s Day to all you beautiful superheroes!

How are you spending Mother’s Day? Let me know below!

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