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Life Lessons You Learn from Traveling

Updated: Mar 7

Traveling is one of my favorite things, besides reading. Traveling and reading = a happy Chas. There’s something about being an outsider in another culture that instantly humbles you and broadens your mind. I think it’s absolutely incredible that each culture and destination has their own traditions, fashions, style, and all around vibe.

Whenever we travel, we always make it a priority to stay away from the “commercial” side of a destination. We want to be in the heart of the culture, trying to speak the language, experiencing the food, the music, the dancing, and the magic that is someone else’s norm. Traveling not only produces amazing memories, but it can also teach you a great deal about life.

You Learn to be Self-Sufficient and Independent

Whether traveling solo or with others, there is a great deal of self-reliance needed, especially when in another country where there is a language barrier. That is my absolute favorite. Your gut decision becomes your best friend.

You have two choices when you’re traveling, or two roads shall we say, and there is always one less traveled. You can either follow the herd and do the overpriced tours or the majorly crowded activities, or you can go your own way and find what you’re meant to find.

Go explore different cities, towns, areas, and create your own adventures. Become independent and reliant on your innate abilities to find your way to where you’re supposed to be.

Eat and drink at local spots, converse with locals, emerge yourself in your trip fully.

Learning to be Present

Waking up in a new city or country with an entire day at your fingertips is as exciting as it gets. Taking in all the new sites, sounds, smells, and tastes has a special way of making you forget about all the little things we tend to complain about at home, and genuinely enjoy the moment you are in.

If you choose to explore your destination on your own terms, it’s likely you’ll face some bumps in the road or maybe get a little lost, but those are the glorious moments that you won’t forget. Those are the moments that you will be so fully focused on that present moment that the memory will stick forever.

When you are having to focus on finding comfort outside of your comfort zone, you immediately become one with the moment. It’s fantastic.

Learning How to Meet New People and Connect

Being away from home gives me more confidence to be outgoing because I know I will never seen any one I encounter ever again, unless I’m lucky.

The urge to meet new people, learn where they are from, and hear their stories is far more exciting in a new place, than in a bar in Downtown LA. No offense Los Angelenos.

My family is a very social family, whenever we travel together we are always meeting the locals and making connections. These people may not remember us but we remember them in our stories. It’s incredible to see how much you can learn about others and yourselves when you are open to truly listening to someone.

If you aren’t able to travel often, then go to a restaurant that is authentic in its style. Go to a legit Italian restaurant or Greek, Brazilian, whatever, and strike up conversation with your waiter, or the owner, or the chef! You can make those connections even in your home town. I know we have!

Learn to Let Go of Expectations and Go with The Flow

Things can and will go wrong with traveling, it is what it is, but it teaches you how to just roll with it and not get too worked up.

Each problem has a solution, but being calm and not investing too much emotion into a situation is always best. Quite honestly, those hardships are the best part of my trips. You let go of all expectations and just take life as it comes.

Don’t have an itinerary or scheduled plans the entire trip, see where the trip takes you. See what calls to your soul each morning, ask locals for advice on where to go and what to see. They want you to experience their city in its true form, nine times out of ten they won’t lead you astray.

Let go and enjoy!

As my girl Ellie from Up! said… “Adventure is out there!” 

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