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My Experience with Microblading

Is it worth it?

This past March I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed. I was in full bridal mode and thought it would make a difference on my big day, which is absolutely not the case, but in all realness, it was something I had thought about for awhile and I was definitely interested in.

After years of waxing and plucking, my eyebrows just weren’t looking their best. I was always trying to darken them, since naturally my eyebrows are very light, but that would only last about two weeks if I was lucky.

For those of you who do not know what microblading is, let me explain.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup. Small brush strokes or hair strokes are drawn on to the brows to create a semi-permanent shape that provides fullness, thickness, and definition.

After some time the strokes fade and disappear and need to be touched up. The application of these brush strokes are created with 14-21 tiny needles. The “brush” kind of looks like an Xacto Knife just with needles instead of a knife.

So, for my birthday in January, my lovely family decided to contribute to my eyebrow fund, which was a hefty price tag, and I was able to book out my appointment for March… Yes, they were that busy.

I made sure I looked at each artists’ instagram to see which I felt would achieve the most natural look for me and I found who I wanted.

The Process & My experience

Fast forward two months and it is time for my appointment. I went to a great place in Woodland Hills which has the best reviews and they are very well known.

The studio is gorgeous and very well run. I got there a little early and waited about 30 minutes until it was time to get my eyebrows numbed.

They applied a topical gel which sat on my eyebrows for about 20 minutes and it completely numbed me. My artist then took me to a vanity and started to measure and draw on the shape of my brows with a pencil. After finding the perfect shape for my face, it was time to get them microbladed.

My artist had me lay down on a typical tattoo table and she started to create my perfect color to match my hair. I asked for a color that was darker than my natural hair, so she combined shades to find the right tone. Then the fun began.

She started on my left eyebrow and did about four passes on each brow. Whatever brow she wasn’t working on was getting more numbing gel which was great. Towards the last two passes, it started to sting and get sore. The pain was no worse than getting your eyebrows waxed. Maybe even less painful. My artist was a complete sweetheart and she made sure to communicate with me to see how I was doing and if it was painful at all.

When she was done, she had my brows sit with the pigmentation on for about five minutes. After, she wiped it off and revealed my new brows to me. They looked amazing.

They were crisp and clean and I felt like a new woman! I scheduled my complimentary touch-up for six weeks later and went on about my day. My brows were sore and stung a little but it was completely bearable.


So, when healing, you can’t get your eyebrows wet for 10 days…Not even to wash your face.

They were so itchy from scabbing and I just wanted to wash them, but I couldn’t. After five days of pure itchiness, the scabs came off and they were healed.

The verdict? They looked OK.

I knew I needed to get them touched up as some of the pigment doesn’t take the first go around, but overall it was a definite step up from where we began.

The touch-up experience was the same exact process from start to finish. After they healed for the second time I loved the way the looked. They were dark and clean and without any make-up on my brows still stood out.

They looked amazing for two months, but then they started to fade, a lot. They recommend getting them refreshed every 1-2 years, but this is six months after the fact, which sucked.

I paid a lot to get them done and I 100% will not get them retouched. The price is about 55% the original price and to me it is not worth it. Some people take the pigment really well, but I guess my skin just didn’t absorb it.

I still pencil them in and use a colored gel tint to make them look good so I feel like I wasted some money.

Overall, it was great experience and I genuinely loved the way they looked before they faded. I have friends and previous coworkers that had it done and theirs didn’t fade at all, so of course each person is different.

Have you gotten permanent makeup before? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

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