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My Holy Grail Everyday Makeup Products

Makeup was something I got into really early on. Some passed it off as me going through an emo phase, but I just loved makeup and was horrible at eyeliner (raccoon eyes). Dance recitals were like the highlight of the year for me. Not only because I got to dance on a stage with an audience count upwards of 1,500 and the spotlight shining on me and all my glory, but the makeup was my jam! Bright blush, red lipstick, and fake eyelashes. I was rocking it all from age 10 and upwards.

As the years went on, my wing eyeliner game was beyond anyone else… in the 8th grade that is.  I got into a really bad phase of expressing my favorite color through my eye makeup… green eyeliner and eyeshadow poorly executed really allowed me to stand out. Good or bad, I thought I was killing the shit out of it; where was Instagram when I needed it?!

From there moving forwards, my love for make up just kept growing at a rapid pace. My collection grew arms and legs and was taking over my entire bathroom storage. High-end brands to drugstore brands, I tried them all and I have really pinpointed my favorites through the years. Here are my holy grail products as of 2018, these are all subject to change within the next 3 months because I have anxiety and nothing sticks for more than 5 minutes… * insert Jay-Z On to the Next *

(These products are listed in the order I use them)


I have tried millions of foundations and I have never loved ANY of them. TooFaced, Make Up Forever, Tarte, Smashbox, Chanel, etc. They delivered in one area but not in all the areas I wanted. I want a dewy finish that doesn’t accentuate texture, but can set well with powder, doesn’t look cakey or cling to dry areas. I mean come on, that’s not asking for too much right? Well apparently it is because in the 18 years of me exploring makeup,  I JUST found my favorite… I mean like as of a month ago. I didn’t want to try this foundation, but after hearing about it nonstop on YouTube, I decided to give it a chance and thank God I did because it is perfect for me, and costs like $6.00…

Concealer: Everyone and their mama’s all over Tarte Shape Tapes d*** and for good reason. It is glorious.  Finding a full coverage concealer that doesn’t crease, look cakey, or heavy is almost impossible, which again just like foundations, baffles me, but Tarte really delivered on this baby.

Setting Powder: I am not a snob when it comes to setting powder. I honestly don’t really give two shits about it, other than I need it to do what it says it’ll do. Set. I personally prefer my powder to not be loose because I don’t bake my makeup. I just lightly set everything down. To achieve this for me is my tried and true NYX HD Finishing Powder.

Bronzer: This is a personal favorite to many and I think it’s honestly because of the scent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bronzer, but the scent takes you straight to Hawaii and leaves you there… for life. The Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in light is what I use to give my skin a great glow and to warm up my complexion. This really doesn’t work for contouring which is fine with me because I work from home and my human interaction is very much limited… I mean seriously limited #antisocial. This bronzer isn’t the most opaque, so if you want something a little more pigmented, I would check out Tarte’s Park Ave. Princess or Marc Jacobs O! Mega Bronzer.

Blush: Thank you to Kathleen Lights for introducing me to this blush because I don’t think I’ll ever use a different one. Just sayin’. The Burt’s Bees blushes are honestly SO good. My personal favorite is Toasted Cinnamon, but the formula is so nice. They blend out beautifully and give a great glow to the skin.

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Setting Spray: I set my base and face products immediately when I’m done with highlight. I want all my powders and liquid products to melt together and add a great dewy, natural finish. I don’t wait till the end because I don’t want my eyes to set down with spray. I find this works best for me, but do you, boo. The Urban Decay All-Nighter got me through my wedding with zero touchups so it has proven its loyalty to me, so now I will do the same and never stray from it ever. 😛

Brows: I hate doing my brows, but they need to be done. What gets me through my least favorite part of my makeup routine is my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Definer in graphite.

Mascara: Currently I am liking the Voluminous Lash Paradise by L’oreal, but I’m sure this will change shortly, so don’t hold me to it!

Lips: My favorite part! I am a Colourpop fangirl to the extreme. Their liquid matte lips are everything to me. My everyday favorite is no longer available so I won’t even tell you what it is, but my second favorite is also a diehard favorite of mine so it’s worth mentioning. The CP matte lippie in Tootsie is beyond good. It’s a cool-tone brown with a hint of mauve. It’s lovely.

There you have it, my everyday holy grail products! What makeup products can you not live without? Let me know in the comments!

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