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My Pregnancy Journey: Second Trimester

Updated: Mar 8

Pregnancy: Second Trimester

“Enjoy the second trimester bliss, it won’t last for long.”

What second trimester bliss are y’all talking about?! I was promised three months of feeling normal and having energy and being a productive hot tamale, none of which happened.

First things first… I have turned into Jekyll & Hyde…Not even a cuter version of them either. Straight up.

1. I am the epitome of an emotionally unstable pregnant woman. Poster child. I should have my own campaign.

2. I don’t remember the last time I actually put in effort into styling my hair which is sad because I cut it short and just have a little nub of a ponytail hanging off the back of my head. Apparently I resemble some Italian pizza chef.

3. Sleep has not been apart of my life since June. I have taken up residency on my couch and spend my nights sleeping in 2 hour increments and find myself waking up to church sermons in the wee hours of the morning which is odd since I fell asleep watching Cupcake Wars… #It’sTooEarlyForAHallelujah.

4. I was told the peeing would subside not increase…


All in all, it’s been a walk in the park…Central Park…All of Central Park in one day with no rests or pit stops.


In all reality, the second trimester has been easier in some ways and harder in others. Each trimester, or day really, presents new highs and lows, so let’s explore all the good stuff!

Some highs that have happened in the past three months are:

  1. We built out our nursery and it is ADORABLE.

  2. Baby girl, Shay, has a real shot at becoming the first baby to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Xtreme Parkour (that’s a thing, right?).

  3. I haven’t emotionally terrorized anyone too badly, just slightly.

  4. Shay is recognizing her father’s voice which is so incredible.

  5. She also responds to her nickname, or so I assume. It can’t just be coincidental.

  6. So far, each appointment has been positive!


There can’t be sunshine without some rain or something like that, so here are some of the lows over the last three months…

  1. My anxiety has reared its ugly head even more so and has shown me just how much Lexapro helped me previously. It has been really difficult to mentally go through this pregnancy with constant anxiety and worrying. It has required a lot of attention and therapy.

  2. I think I peed my pants at Target… I blame the child. Nothing like a good kick to the bladder.

  3. I also came to realize this little angel has to come out in three months, one way or another, which is starting to freak me out a little, but one day at a time right?

  4. Aches, pains, and automobiles. No seriously. Getting in and out of my car is a workout in itself.

  5. Even more heartburn.

In all seriousness, pregnancy is hard AF and also extremely humorous. There’s nothing like looking back at some of my days out in the public thinking “WTF was I thinking going out looking like that”, or better yet, realizing someone saw my face and body language when I was thinking to myself: “Holy shit I need to gracefully get my ass to a restroom before I need a clean up on Aisle 5”.

I am so excited for these last three months full of nesting, decorating, and preparing for our sweet baby girls arrival. I can only imagine the amount of spunk and sass she will have, in addition to how much hair she will have on that little, or large, head of hers. Thanks babe… 😛

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