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Releasing Anxious Thoughts for Good: Action You Can Take Today

Updated: Mar 8

Humanity is an intense experience.

You hear the words “unprecedented times” a lot these days, but life has always been unprecedented! Until there is a way to predict the future, we’ll stay living in unprecedented times.

For this reason, it’s really nothing strange that many people have anxious thoughts!

However, understanding that doesn’t do you much good when those anxious stubborn thoughts refuse to leave your mind. And it’s not like we can call in our parents to evict this monster for us; this is an internal issue. To treat this internal issue, we need to do internal work!

When I say work, I do mean work. Though it’s not hard work per se, it still requires you to be an active party in your own rescue. This is NOT one of those “how-to” articles that gives you some nice things to think about without a follow-through plan! This IS the follow through plan: an action so simple you can complete it even when your mind starts to spiral into that anxious feedback loop.

So, how can we break this loop?? 

Well, as we already know, this monster isn’t so easily conquered by the flip of a light switch, but it can be conquered by flipping an internal switch.

Here’s something you already know: humans are highly visual creatures. A picture is worth a thousand words, is it not?

Now extend this logic to how your mind works: it’s easier for us to interpret data in a graph or chart as compared to a bunch of numbers on a paper. Visuals are very powerful, and the same is true of visualization.

When we visualize an action, it lights up the same part of the brain as when we actually do that action. This means that, to our brains, visualizing is literally as powerful as doing! When you think of it this way, it’s no wonder that visualization is a potent tool to overcome mental obstacles.

And that’s how we’re going to be using it today!

What I’m about to teach you is so simple, you can use it whenever and wherever you need! It requires nothing but your mind, you don’t even have to close your eyes if you don’t want to.

There are 3 parts to this practice:

1-recognizing the hurt

2-remembering your inner power

3-connecting them & restoring balance

Sound simple?

It is! Let’s dig in:

First Step:

The first thing we should talk about is that your insecurities and your anxieties are places of yourself that are calling out for attention: they need help.

Pain comes from something being amiss in the body right? The same is true with emotions: this inner turmoil is telling you that something is wrong. It’s not something to just push through; you can’t walk it off because these issues will be walking right there alongside you!

You hear them all the time, but you have to learn to actually listen to those parts of yourself… Just be with them. Like in meditation; observe them without letting your anxious thoughts drag you down the rabbit hole of overthinking and overwhelm. Acknowledge that they are real, that they are sending you these urgent messages because they care.

Remember: they’re not negative thoughts, they’re more like misdirected energy. The first step in putting your anxieties to rest is to simply be aware of them without judging yourself for having them.

Once you’ve taken a couple moments to bring awareness into those areas that are screaming loudest at you, visualize these thoughts. Not the words, but what their energy looks like to you. When I do this, I see electrical-type balls; they look almost like neurons when they fire. Visualize all these anxious thoughts and worries, and imagine that as you watch, they concentrate into a small ball.

Keep the image of this ball in your mind as we move on to step two.

Second Step:

In this step, you’ll remember a time when you felt powerful. Maybe right after you aced an important evaluation, or scored the winning point in a difficult game, or hiked to the summit of a difficult trek. Maybe it’s the moment that you cracked a complex code, or finally checked that project off your to do list. Whatever it is, feel that moment.

Feel how confident and proud of yourself you felt, how empowered, how ready to take on the world. Now visualize those feelings, in the same way you just visualized your anxious thoughts. For me, it’s the same neuron-firing look, but in a different color. Visualize all those good, empowered feelings concentrating into your right hand.

So now, right before beginning step three, you have concentrated anxiety in one hand, and concentrated power in the other.

Third Step:

Now we bring them together! Visualize these two balls melding into one another and neutralizing. I like to visualize an energetic showdown, as if two electric-type Pokemon were to face off. At the end of the electrical surge, each ball is left a charred and blackened lump.

Then I imagine this lump sinking into the ground, where the earth cleanses the leftovers of the conflict.

When we are mentally ill, we forget that we are just as good at creating as we are at destroying. We tend to focus exclusively on the bad possibilities until we make ourselves feel powerless to avoid certain misfortune. We lose our power by making excuses for our successes, giving credit to circumstances rather than recognizing that our skills made a valuable contribution. When we lose or forget about our power, we don’t use it which only makes these situations easier to get into in the future. But not anymore! You’ve just been given a powerful tool to break the negative feedback loop, reclaim your power, and continue on with your life.

You don’t have to feel powerless anymore, you have a way to neutralize the toxicity in your mind and recenter yourself: yay!! The more you practice this technique and build up that mental muscle, the easier it will be to stop the cycle in the future. Remember, you ALWAYS have the option to choose a new path!

To reinforce your memory, let’s review the steps!

First: we bring attention to our fears, and thank them for their concern. Then we visualize these anxieties condensing into an energy ball in our left hand. (It’s left because our left brain is the rational side, and we want that rationality to meet with our frenzied thoughts to soothe them!)

Second: we remember a time when we accomplished a task that made us proud. We reconnect to that source of power within us, and concentrate these confident feelings into an energy ball in our right hand. (Our right brain is the source of our creative power and we want to use that imagination to create an improved outlook for our future)

Third: we bring the energies together and witness an energetic showdown, ending in neutralization of both sides. We watch as the charred ashes sink down into the earth to be purified and renewed. It is no longer ours, we are now free to choose how we feel and respond to life.

And that’s all there is to it!

This technique has helped me in so many different situations, and I hope it gives you the same relief.

Drop any & all questions in the comment box below, I’m here to help! 🙂

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