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Sunday Habits for a Better Week

Updated: Mar 9

Have a More Successful Week

The Sunday Scaries are real and they are plaguing our minds. The feeling I get on Sunday mornings is the most conflicted feeling I have yet to feel. It’s a mixture of pure excitement for a bomb Sunday breakfast mixed with a lot of anxiety for the ever-impending week. To make Sunday’s more enjoyable and productive, try implementing these habits so your week is seamless.

Plan That Shit Out

Get the cute little planner that you got at Target and plan your week out. Make sure you know what your week looks like, what appointments are coming up, what projects/homework is due, etc. Be mindful of what your week looks like so you’re not caught off guard and you are prepared. *This is also a great time to set your alarm for tomorrow so there is no excuse for being late because you slept in too long!*

Meal Plan + Marketing

One habit I love to implement on Sunday’s especially as a mom is to get the damn grocery shopping out of the way! I’m not the greatest when it comes to meal planning because I’m the most indecisive person to ever exist, but if you can, plan out your meals, get the shopping out of the way and do any preliminary cooking to set you up for success. Make enough food for leftover lunches and you will not only save money, but also stay on track to eating proper healthy meals.

Get the House in Order

Get ahead of the week by getting on top of any laundry, chores, tidying up, cleaning, etc. that needs to get done. Have laundry that’s not folded and put away? Same, but girl, just put it away! That dust bunny that you’ve named and has taken up a 6-month lease with amenities included? Just cut ties and let it move on to bigger and better places, like the landfill.

Set Your Intentions + Goals

Put on some music, put the phone on silent, TV off, and sit in silence or with some music playing and set your intentions for the week. What do you hope to accomplish? What do you plan on making happen? What can you do for yourself that will help your future self? Take some time to really visualize and specifically see exactly what your goals are for the week, write it out, plan it out, and make it happen, boo boo.

Plan Your Outfits

The biggest waste of time, in my personal opinion, is not knowing what to wear, trying on 5 different outfits with clothes being tossed left and right (after we tidied up the night before, right?) and then going with the first option anyways since we’re running late, forgot our healthy lunch we meal prepped, and are too frazzled to remember that errand that needed to be completed today! So, figure out what your outfits are for the week Monday-Friday. Have 5 options and if you need to switch things up, it’s easier having a foundation to work with.


Even though you’re coming off the weekend, plan some to time to relax and unwind. Use this time to set a night routine that will not only help you feel better for the week ahead, but will help you fall asleep faster. Take a nice bubble bath, read a book, do a little self-care pamper sesh, whatever floats your boat, just make sure it doesn’t include the damn phone.

Lastly, try to make it a point to put the phone down as much as possible on Sundays. Get off the cyber-mess of social media for a day and just be present in your thoughts, actions, and intentions. Here’s to another week, babes!

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