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The Beginners Guide to Crystals: 10 Essential Crystals to Have

Updated: Mar 8

An Intro Guide to Crystals for Beginners

If you live in Los Angeles, there is no way in hell you don’t own a crystal. It’s just a requirement of the city to live here. But in all actuality, crystals are something I grew up with in my family without even realizing.

My parents wonder why I’m such a boho hippie at heart, but they created it. Some of my favorite memories were going with my mom and/or dad shopping for incense or some huge amethyst crystal for the house and trying to understand what this world was about.

Obviously, with age, trends and the internet, I’ve been able to learn a lot about crystals and metaphysical properties so let me shed some knowledge on ya and allow this to be your new introduction course and guide to crystals.

How Do Crystals Work?

There are SO many articles all about crystals and their vibrations and how they work with our own energy, so because of that, I am going to keep things stupid simple.

Crystals and precious stones have been cherished for years. Of course like most things, there is no concrete scientific evidence on their healing properties, but a lot of you don’t even believe in science anyways (kidding… Too soon?).

As we all know through quantum physics, everything on this earth has energy. Some vibrate high like humans, and some vibrate very low like… paper clips.

Furthermore, the human body is made up of elements such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, etc. Well, guess what?! Crystals are also made up of elements and chemicals that the human body shares. For instance, quartz is made up of oxygen and silicone. Jade is of two different silicate minerals, either a silicate of calcium and magnesium or a silicate of sodium and aluminum.

So, because there is shared elements in some crystals, it is widely perceived that crystals and gemstones carry energy that can work with our body to relieve, heal, and enhance ones life.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, then there is also the assumption that crystals are just causing a placebo effect. Before anyone shuts that idea down, if you pray, manifest, or have any type of faith in anything, then crystals are no different! Positive thinking is well… a positive.

Now, crystals are not going to change your life… Let’s get real. But, they can act as a great partner in helping you put in the work towards healing yourself. They are intentionally set by you to help you reach your goals, and while they can help aid certain ailments, they are not solely going to heal you. Enough about that, do more research if you’d like but it’s time to get into the fun stuff!

Let this guide to crystals help your journey in figuring out crystals and their meanings and how to use them in your every day life…

How to Use Crystals for Beginners

There are tons of ways to incorporate crystals in to your life…

  1. Hold a crystal during meditation or place chakra healing crystals on your chakras while meditating

  2. Wear them (jewelry, throw them in your bra, pocket, purse)

  3. Put them on your nightstand or under your pillow

  4. Place them in “sacred” or special areas in your home that you see often

  5. Find what works for you!

10 Essential Crystals to Get You Started…

There are lots of physical benefits to these crystals as well, but I encourage you to research those yourselves. Again, crystals do not heal physical ailments. They can only help improve. I do not want any claims to be misinterpreted so again, research at your own free will.


Amethyst Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

Or one of the “master healers”, is a lavender hued quartz. This crystal is also the crystal for the crown chakra and third eye chakra. This crystal can aid in negative thinking, it can provide protection, and can also reduce headaches. It is known to help improve ones intuition and spiritual awareness.

In addition, it is said to help relieve obsessive compulsive disorder and hyperactive tendencies in children an adults as well. This crystal is known for his ability to calm the mind, help one connect to their higher self, relax, and recharge. It can promote better sleep, reduce anxiety, stress, anger, tension or any other type of mental “distress”. It also can help promote sobriety. It is the ultimate “calm your mind” crystal.


Apophyllite Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

This is another high vibrational crystal that can ease anxiety, stress, and worry. This is a great crystal to sit and meditate with to help release these emotions. This is a crystal that can really help you connect with your intuition and heighten your spiritual capabilities.

Apophyllite also has a high water content which balances and transfers energy easily. Negative energy you may be withholding can quickly be corrected and replaced with positivity.

This crystal is a great one to place in your home as it will purify your space from negative energies. This crystal promotes feelings of excitement, positivity, and vigor.

black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Chakra: Root

The negative energy shield of all crystals, black tourmaline is the protector. This protection is key for energy, safety, and overall evil.

Whether you’re sensitive to negative energies or are having feelings of depressing and darkness or self deprecating thoughts, this gemstone will eliminate it all providing a sense of positivity and a cleared energetic atmosphere. If you are feeling negative emotional attachments, this is the stone for cutting those emotional bonds and cords.

Black Tourmaline works with the root chakra which helps one become more grounded and balanced.


Celestite Chakra: Crown & Throat

This gorgeous pale blue crystal is the one for spiritual awakening and connecting with your spirit guides! This stone is key for feelings of calm, contentment, and trusting the divine. Let in the chill.

Celestite is great for the higher chakra systems which allows one to stay true to their self, communicate purely and intentionally, and receive wisdom for their higher self.

If you feel like you are struggling with your mental or just feel out of balance, grab celestite.


Chryscolla Chakra: Throat

Thinking of starting a new endeavor or project? Have an idea you need to further explore? This is the stone for you.

Stimulating motivation, innovation, and ideas, Chryscolla will get you moving in action towards your goals and aspirations.

This stone leans more into feminine energy which allows us to create harmony with kindness and compassion. This stone breaks down negative cycles which allows you to heal from any relationship, specifically karmic ones.

Last but not least, and maybe the most important, this stone quiets the voice in our head, allowing us to move in life centered with direction and passion.


Chrysoprase Chakra: Heart & Sacral

This is one I need for real. Chrysoprase is great for unemotional communication. This stone encourages social skills, clear communication, and deepening relationships in your life.

Chrysoprase is also known to balance the soul and heal the inner-child. Something we all need in life. When in your life, allow it to bring your true authentic self to the surface and heal any negativity you harbor.

Any reactionary behaviors you may have will quickly be calmed and regulated with this one.

Citrine Chakra: Solar Plexus

The ultimate “good vibes” crystal. This sunny orange/yellow crystal is like sunshine for the soul. Bringing feelings of joy, positivity, and warmth to the body and soul. Bringing this crystal into your life will give your soul the energy it is craving!

Whether needing to help fight off depression, stress, tension, creative blocks, or needing to boost into that manifestation mindset, this is the gemstone for you! Let it help boost your memory, wealthy and abundance.

clear quartz

Clear Quartz Chakra: All

Clear quartz is another “master healer”. Clear quartz can intensify any other crystal or gemstone when working with it.

This crystal is great for providing one with clarity, improving memory and concentration, and stimulating the immune system.

Clear Quartz is also known for keeping negative energy at bay and being a light energy transmitter. This crystal connects with all of the chakras, so it is amazing for clearing any blockage you may be feeling within the mind, body, and spirit.