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The Hospital Bag Checklist I Wish I Had

Updated: Mar 8

For some reason, I was so excited for my hospital bag. Weird, right? I chalk it up to YouTube videos of mom vloggers showing off their Louis Vuitton weekender bags full of cute robes and slippers and perfume and their curling iron and makeup like this was a thing. It’s not a thing.

For starters, let me just say, pack that bag early. Like EARLY. Why? Let us begin…

second trimester like woah.

(I definitely hit that woah, did you?)

So, towards the end of the second trimester I became obsessed with finding the perfect bag. Probably because it was the only thing I knew would still fit in 4 months time. So, the hunt was on. I became very invested in finding the most perfect bag, only to wind up at Target (no shade) and get some semi-cute duffel bag that would hold enough for a two night stay.

Then, the lists started. I did all the research of what I would need. I got some ugly-ass polar bear socks (if you follow me on insta, you’ve seen those suckers make some appearances), I got a black midi-length nightgown that I would then go on to wear for Thanksgiving a few weeks later because it was spacious and it fit #allyoucaneat / #eatingfortwo, then I got tons of shit I absolutely did not need…At all.

My closet was full to the brim of stuff that I thought I would need in the hospital. When I did a trial run of putting in all in my target duffel, you best believe a quarter of what I was planning on bringing fit. Since I was still far out, I put it off until we got closer to delivery day.

third trimester like damn.

I kept putting off the hospital bag packing because I kept using stuff I was going to pack like an idiot. When we got to 3.5 weeks out and my water started leaking, guess what. I grabbed only what I knew I would need for maybe a night and booked left.

My wonderful mom brought everything else I needed the following day, but guess what. All those trips to Target to get everything I thought I needed was the biggest waste of time and money. The things I wish I had, I didn’t even think to get and the things I had I didn’t want, like at all.

So, let’s make your life easier through my mistakes, per usual (check out this post for future reference: So Mama, You Want to Get a Divorce…TOTALLY KIDDING) and here is what you actually need to make your hospital stay comfortable and effective.


  1. lip blam – your lips become SO friggin chapped it’s not even funny

  2. hair ties – obvious

  3. phone charger – obvious

  4. robe – this is the one thing I am most thankful for. I got the softest robe and used it as a blanket and just something to cling to

  5. large water bottle with straw – their pale pink 80’s jug is just janky and makes you feel like your experience will be equally janky

  6. snacks for dad – they complain, shut them up with snacks

  7. iPad/tablet – download movies or shows, get Netflix on and poppin’ to distract you

  8. cozy socks – I used socks as slippers, something to walk in and then you can throw away after


  1. face wash and moisturizer – you’re going to want to get all that sweat and stress off your face

  2. body lotion – again, you get so dry in hospitals

  3. basic toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/hairbrush/dry shampoo/deodorant)

  4. dark clothes – I didn’t want to wear pants for three days, so whether its a maxi dress/nightie/loose harem pants you want them dark and bring 3 days worth

  5. dark top – a lot happens don’t wear white. Bring 3 days worth

  6. comfortable bra (nursing or not) 3 days worth

  7. THESE undies – the hospital provides some but hospitals are mad stingy – take the whole lot of ’em

  8. peri bottle like THIS one – again, hospitals provide them, but janky

  9. perineal healing foam – I used Dermoplast which felt amazing, but it’s a big controversial, so this is a great option. Trust me, anything to help

  10. cooling pad liner – again, anything to help

  11. makeup – just the minimum essentials, BECAUSE… Little did I know they had an on-staff photographer who came in to do a photoshoot with my daughter and then us and I looked like absolute shit and will never post those photos ever

  12. nipple cream – if you choose to breastfeed, I hear this is a necessity

  13. bring an empty bag to leave in the car for everything the hospital will give you/dirty clothes/gifts/etc.

for dad

I mean, he’s a grown ass man, let him figure it out. If he’s been to a sleepover before he’s solid.

for baby

  1. going home outfit

  2. swaddle blanket set for pictures

  3. anything else you want for photographs

  4. pacifier for the car ride home!

The hospital literally provides everything, and when you’re leaving STEAL IT ALL. You deserve it and I mean, come on now. Your hospital bill is large enough to cover taking some necessities.

Everyone’s experience is different so just think about what you feel would make you comfortable in a very unglamorous setting. I couldn’t walk for three days without holding on to someone, so taking a shower wasn’t a necessity for me so the hairdryer and hair products would have been a huge waste of space.

For your convenience, here is a printable checklist to help make your life easier during this time!

hospital bag checklist

This time is going to be stressful regardless, so hopefully this takes the guess work out of it all. Just remember this is a moment in time and childbirth is obviously nerve wrecking but it will be over before you know it and then you can move on to loving on your sweet baby!

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