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The Ultimate List of Things To Do During Self-Quarantine

Coronavirus. This beezy is more famous than a Kardashian at this point.

Some of us are using our common sense and understanding that even though it’s obviously not a good look on 2020, there are precautions we can take for ourselves and the greater good to slowing down its rate. These things include, not traveling, canceling plans with friends, staying home and having a detox on getting wild in these streets, upping your supplement game, washing your hands like a proper hygienic human being, not kissing strangers, taking a Tindr hiatus, not sneezing on people, avoiding crowded areas, and leave people alone.

It’s interesting to me as a society we are so prone to the “I am immortal” mindset. Measles outbreak? Nah, I’m still going to Disneyland and touching everything and everyone. HIV/AIDS? Nah, I’m still going to have unprotected sex. Coronavirus? HOLY SHIT I’M GOING TO DIE!

With good reason we should all be mindful of how this flu is rapidly spreading, but so are a lot of other things. Fear, panic, and hoarding. So, as I self-quarantine for the safety of my family, here is what I plan on doing to keep myself sane. Hopefully you too can benefit from this list and if you have any other ideas, leave a comment!

Things To Do:

1. Enroll in an online course Now is a great time to learn a new skill, and one that can help you create a business from home, or can enrich your future. Learn a new language, learn how to edit videos, learn how to teach English to kids in other countries online, learn how to market yourself, learn how to work with brands in upping their Tik Tok game, etc. Learn something that will make you irreplaceable and will help you build something from home that can withstand the test of time.

2. Read a book Stop watching the news and giving into the fear-culture online. Pick up an old fashion paperback book and read. Not only is it therapeutic but it will distract you from stressing which only makes your immune system suffer.

3. Spring clean Now is a great time to go through all of your cabinets, drawers, nightstands, closets, etc. and deep clean. Throw away things that you aren’t using or haven’t touched in 6 months and purge! Throw out expired medicine, expired canned goods, etc. Purge your house and have it feel organized.

4. Social media detox Now is the time for you to say bye-bye to the Gram and more importantly Facebook. Reading everyone’s fearbased posts does no good for anyone. Take a break and only check into sites like the CDC where there are actual facts being presented. Everything gets misconstrued from false media sources, so do yourself and favor and just take a break.

5. Netflix and chill… In solitude Binge watch some shows, by yourself. That text at 11pm “Hey girl, wyd right now?” gets a big fat “NO”. Enjoy some time by yourself and don’t cave into the lonliness! Social distancing should be happening right now so just tell the booty call to try back in a few weeks.

6. Enjoy home deliveries Amazon, Vons, Target, etc. Enjoy not shopping in public and start using that delivery method. Get some face masks, snacks, and workout equipment delivered to your home and start understanding the true meaning of self-care. The thought of not doing my makeup and looking presentable to run errands actually sounds amazing, so try it out.

7. Start a passion project Always wanted to do something but never did out of fear? Well redirect your focus and try something new. Start a YouTube channel, a blog, start a cooking series on IGTV, do something fun and exciting while utilizing the most amazing thing we have, the internet. Give people joy and something fun to tune into while letting time pass by.

8. Call your loved ones Now is a great time to reconnect the old fashioned way. Give your grandma a call, or your great uncle from Virginia. Call your family and let others know you are thinking about them.

9. Build a fort Get those 90’s cartoons on repeat while chillin’ in a dope fort in your living room. Get your mattress, put it in the living room, get some little string lights (off of Amazon), and build the most epic fort. Have some popcorn and snacks and enjoy what might be the best day ever.

10. Workout Just because the world is falling apart does not mean that Hot Girl Summer is cancelled. It most CERTAINLY is not. Get on YouTube or join a virtual group and get your workout on! Yoga, dance, Pilates, cardio, whatever your heart desires. Go for a walk outside and get that Vitamin D. Whatever it is… Sweat. It. OUT!

What Not to Do…

1. DO NOT hoard toilet paper… You knew it was coming, but for crying out loud! What is with the toilet paper madness? That is the least logical thing I have ever heard. Hoard oranges, fruits, veggies, immunity boosters, vitamin C supplements, but toilet paper?! Ya’ll have lost your damn minds.

2. Don’t hoard anything for that matter If you are not 70+ and do not have any underlying health issues, allow those who are actually at risk get the things they need… like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Stop being greedy assholes.

3. Stop reading fake news If your facts are not coming from a doctor or authorized source, stop relaying info to others. You are only giving into the fear mentality and causing more headaches.

4. Stop posting on Facebook We are all staying up-to-date on the news and what’s going on, so please for the love of God, stop posting about it!

5. Do not leave your house if you are sick I don’t care if it’s just a cold, sit your ass down and stay home.

6. Do not stress out I understand this is a dark time for everyone, but stress ruins your immune system. Stay calm and properly informed. Do as you’re being told and relax.

7. Do not think this doesn’t apply to you I don’t care if you’re 21 years old and have never been sick a day in your life. WE ALL play a part in this. Stay home and be one less person that could affect someone else. Stop being selfish and stop going out for a little while. Social distancing can change everything.

8. Do not go to Costco Like, there are so many other places to get bulk items. Amazon for one. STOP going to Costco! The police don’t need to be monitoring rationing off pasta like it’s Lord of the Flies.

9. Do not do anything reckless that could put you in the hospital Right now is probably not the best time to work on your parkour skills. Avoid having to visit the hospital at any cost so those who actually do need to go, can get the care they need in the quickest time possible.

10. Do not start dating someone new Avoid contact for now. People be thirsty, ya heard?

Times are hard right now for everyone, but if you are a responsible human being, you can help us all gain control over this madness. Please stay healthy and safe and know that this too shall pass. Do your due diligence and be proactive in making sure you and any one that may come in contact with you will be safe. Please practice more compassion and less fear. Please practice more selflessness than selfishness. Please know that we all want the same thing. For this to go away as quickly as it came. Be smart and be a good neighbor. Like State Farm. Ok, I’m done.

Stay safe y’all!

Much love, Chas

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