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This is America…Racial Injustice 2020

Updated: Mar 7

Land of the Free?

This is America… Where we wake up, go on Facebook or any social media site, really, and see footage of a bystander recording the mistreatment of people of color by law enforcement.

This is America… Where a white officer is seen racially profiling, attacking and murdering someone of color and getting away with taking a life.

This is America… Where grabbing lunch with my best friend who is black warrants looks of disapproval and disappointment by older generations.

This is America… Where we are forced to police the police.

This is America… Where we are forced to teach people in power how to do their jobs.

This is America… Where our president threatens lives of “thugs” protesting and rioting, but caters to his white supremacist followers storming the capitol with guns.

We all know racism exists and to an extreme. It’s 2020 and we are still having to address blatant racism in America, the largest melting pot in the world.

Covid-19 appears and the country is slandering Asians.

Temples are being attacked by mass shooters and swastikas are being graffitied in the streets.

Muslims are being banned to travel.

A cop murders a black man named George Floyd in plain view and he’s not immediately arrested.

“Karen” is calling the police because of a BBQ in the park.

“So and So” is going on about how “all lives matter” when they have never once been targeted and mistreated because of the color of their skin.

Deandre Arnold is not allowed to walk at graduation because he has dreadlocks.

Breonna Taylor was shot 8 times by officers who forcibly entered her apartment.

Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down by two white men and shot while he was jogging in a neighborhood.

Since 2015, cops have killed OVER 100 black men and women who have been unarmed.

What Can We Do?

It is our duty as a humans to help humanity thrive. This includes YOU. Here is how to help and stand up against these horrific racist acts.

Start talking about it, loudly. 

If you have family members that may not be as open minded or inclusive, check them. Start a conversation. Ask why they feel that way and try to learn what it is that they have an issue with. Have open and mature conversations and hold them accountable to their contribution to these issues. Decades of generational behaviors and beliefs can be stopped and ended by one person, and that person can be you.

Also, call out anyone that makes jokes or spews hate speech. Stand up and fight for people who may not be able to do so themselves. Don’t let people be assholes.

Demand police accountability.

Contact your legislators and contact those in power and demand that these officers be held accountable for not doing their job correctly. An incredible person to follow on Instagram is nonother than Shaun King. He has set up a number you can call that prompts a voice message he has recorded. He tells you exactly what to stay when calling County Attorney Michael Freeman, which takes any type of phone anxiety out of it. You can also visit Justice For Big Floyd which will allow you to sign a petition that gets directly sent to Michael Freeman.

When something like this happens again, because it will happen again until we demand change, he is always doing his due diligence to make sure the people can have their voices heard. Please follow him.

Understand your own privilege.

If “black lives matter” sparks some type of emotion or feeling inside you, please try to understand what it is and why you feel that way. If you can’t understand that as someone who is not regularly targeted by the color of your skin, that that doesn’t give you privilege, you need to figure out why you feel that way and change it.

If you see a police officer and you don’t immediately question if your life is at risk for simply breathing, you are part of the problem and you need to do some research and educate yourself on how you are contributing to the problem. Of course white privilege isn’t just an issue with law enforcement. It’s an issue that presents itself in the workplace, in schools, in every aspect of every day life. Understand this.

Understand your bias.

If you are pro-equality for gay rights but not all rights, this is a problem. If you are pro-equality for women’s rights but not black women’s rights, this is a problem. If you are pro-equality for the wage gap but not for everyone’s rights, this is a problem.

Figure out where these beliefs originated and understand what you were told as a kid in regards to anyone being different from you. This includes religion, race, economic status, etc.

Donate and Sign.

There are SO many organizations and GoFundMe pages to donate to right now. Here are some credible places to donate to:

In regards to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery:

George Floyd GoFundMe

Stand With Bre

Ahmaud Arbery GoFundMe

Other reputable organizations:

NAACP Legal and Educational Fund, Inc.

The Bail Project

Communities United Against Police Brutality

ACLU Racial Justice Program

Color of Change

Dream Defenders

Know Your Rights Camp

To my black friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or strangers who I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting. I hear you, I see you, and I stand with you.

Stay safe.


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