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Unfulfilled at Work

Dear Chas,

My dilemma is that I am in a job that I don’t like and feeling unfulfilled. The pay is good, but I am not being fulfilled and I don’t enjoy coming to work in the mornings. I enjoy the people I work with, but I feel like I’m destined for bigger and better things. Do I keep the job, or do I leave and find something that makes me happier?


Unfulfilled at Work

Dear Unfulfilled,

I think at some point or another in adulthood we end up in a situation that isn’t exactly what we hoped for. In the current times we are in, I feel it is important to plan ahead and make sure that you are taking care of the necessities. If this job is paying well and you enjoy your coworkers, those are two things most people can’t say about their job. I think it would be wise to stay where you are at for the time being, take advantage of your paycheck, save up, but still look for something equal or better that has the ability to make you happier and get you excited.

Let me remind you that only 13% of the entire population actually enjoy going to work. 13%!! Don’t believe what you see of social media. Majority of us are all in the same boat, so take care of you, but also keep in mind that you are in a good situation! This is one job of many you will have during your lifetime.

Love and Light,



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