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Ways to Work from Home and Make Money Right Now

Updated: Mar 6

If there is one thing this time has been teaching and showing me, it’s that there are far too many employees in this society and not enough bosses. Now, before you get offended let me elaborate…

The fact that 16 million people in the United States have had to file for unemployment and have been put out of work during this pandemic is heart breaking. What’s so gut wrenching is that this figure is represented over the span of only three weeks.

As noted on the New York Times, the jobless statistic over a two year span during the last recession didn’t even amount to half of where we are currently. Also noted in that article is that economists predict that by the end of the month, more than 20 million people will be out of work equating to 15% of our population in the states.

Watching these numbers rapidly increase during the month of March only solidified my thoughts that everyone should be their own boss to a certain degree. What do I mean by that?

Everyone should have a side hustle that is their own. We all are unique and talented in our own rights and there is no reason why you talents and hobbies couldn’t and wouldn’t bring in some type of supplemental income. There are so many opportunities in this world for residual and passive income, in addition to making a quick buck doing things you may not have even considered prior to “The Rona”, so because of that, we are breaking down all the ways you can start building something of you own in the probable case that this won’t be the last outbreak we see in our lifetime.

Get Creative

There are so many opportunities to create something of your own with no overhead costs. If you have a talent to offer, start marketing yourself and putting yourself out there. If you can teach something, get on Zoom, FaceTime, YouTube, etc, and start offering private lessons or classes. Create an online course at a super discounted rate and offer that out to people. Teach people how to budget their finances during hard times, get creative and start finding a need to fill.

Some ideas for things you can help teach people: – budgeting – how to make clothes, masks, cloth diapers, bibs, all baby items honestly, etc. – how to dance, sing, act, draw, anything really – offer virtual tutoring services for parents who are working from home and need help with their kids’ schoolwork – offer your talents as a service ie. photo editing, graphic design, web design, writing, etc. – teach English online to foreign students

The opportunities are endless to find a need and fill it.

Get Crafty

If you make products you can sell, honey, get to selling! Get on Etsy and create a online boutique and sell your creations. Jewelry, greeting cards, home decor, macrame items, things you made on Cricut, cute mugs, artwork, whatever the case is, if you make it sell it.

*Please make sure you take all necessary sanitation measures to ensure we continue to keep the curve flattened!*

Sell on Poshmark

If you have hot commodity items you are no longer in need of or using, sell on Poshmark. I have yet to fully venture into this app, but from what I’ve seen with friends, there is a definite opportunity for filling those pockets. Like any other “social” app, good photography and cross marketing is necessary so do your due diligence on researching hashtags to use on your other social channels to help get the most exposure to your “store”.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Here’s the thing, people are still working and CEO’s are still running their businesses. Offer being a Virtual Assistant and make that dough. You can find work for this on sites like UpWork and you can enjoy working from home while doing minor administrative tasks.

Sell your Skillsets for Purchase

If you are a photographer and have some photos you don’t mind selling to sites like Shutterstock, Dreamstine, Adobe Stock, Fotolia, and more, then do so and start making money off of your photography skills. The amount you make may not be groundbreaking but anything helps right?

If you are a music producer, sell your beats online.

If you are an illustrator, sell your artwork catered to new moms and their newborns.

If you are a woodworker, sell a really cool toilet roll storage piece. Adding in humor to a necessity since people are hoarding.

Other Means of Income If You Need Money ASAP:


If you enjoy typing and are fast and detail oriented, there is always a need for transcribers. The job of a trasnscriber is to convert audio files into text. You listen to the audio file, follow a style guide, and type according to the specific companies’ guidelines. To learn more about this opportunity, check out sites like: Speechpad, Rev, Transcribe Me, and more.


Bookkeeping is another option of working from home and making a decent income. Obviously you should be good with numbers, which I am not. If you are though, look into virtual bookkeeping.

Look Online

A lot of companies are needing to fill online customer service positions as well, so continue looking online and seeing what you stumble across.


Yes, you can make money taking surveys online. If you have caught up on all 34 Shows to Binge Watch this Quarantine Season then take a peak into the world of surveys. Eat snacks and answer questions, sounds good to me! Check out Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, Pinecone Research, and more.


Now is the time to think outside of the box and think about LONGEVITY! If this were to happen again, how do you set yourself up now for success to be able to withstand another storm?

Did you lose your job during this time? How are you providing for yourself and/or family?

Let’s chat and brainstorm in the comments!

Love and light to you all!

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